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How to Grow Tomatoes

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Growing TomatoesGrowing Tomatoes is one of the most rewarding gardening activities and an easy way to start children gardening. They are easy to grow and quickly provide the freshest of tasty results. Tomatoes can be grown from seed or are readily available as seedlings.

Fight Heart Disease

Medical research shows that tomatoes could be the key to preventing blood clots that cause heart disease and strokes. That's because the yellow jelly which surrounds tomato seeds helps keep platelets in the blood from clumping together, therefore eliminating the risks.

When to Plant

The weather rather than the calender date, is the determining factor. They generally need three months of warm, frost free weather to produce well. With protection plants can be grown from August onwards. Labour weekend is the traditional time for planting tomatoes but they can be planted outdoors as soon as conditions allow, usually any time from September onwards.

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by Brad 4th October 2014 I work in pest control and Ultrasonic Repellers do not work they are a scam, any pest will get used to the product and it will stop working,
by Ellie macaulay 17th September 2014 cool as
by gavi007 18th June 2014 What is the price, and the ganerate
by therese 16th February 2014 very helpful article, thanks
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