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Blank 15 Oct 2007 4:31pm #1
offline toyroma

Member since 28 Oct 2006

Member from Rotorua

Posts: 1

Is any one interested in forming a camping group with Hi Aces or similar(mini campers)

6719-Music_in_the_park_1 29 Oct 2007 4:24pm #2
offline Accordion Girl

Member since 29 Sep 2006

Member from Tuakau

Posts: 9

Post deleted at 05 Nov 2007 10:08am by sheena

Blank 03 Jan 2008 11:46pm #3
offline suzieq1

Member since 05 Sep 2007

Member from Te Awamutu

Posts: 12

we live in a motorhome and would like to meet up with people our age and travel around

8476-Say_Cheese 08 Jan 2008 10:43am #4
offline Chris

Member since 29 Oct 2006

Member from Christchurch CBD

Posts: 12

Hi toyroma-my first posting with grownups so here goes. We have recently purchased a Ford Econovan - have two small dogs that we want to travel with so are especially interested in finding dog-friendly areas to visit and would welcome advice and shared experiences.

Blank 07 Feb 2008 10:57pm #5
offline anon9253

Member since 07 Feb 2008

Member from Snells Beach

Posts: 1

I am looking for a person, (preferably in a caravan club,) who would like a travelling companion, (driver,) to tour South Island, late March and share costs and have a good time. I am an older lady with a humourous side.

Blank 25 Feb 2008 8:02pm #6
offline Moggy79

Member since 24 Jan 2008

Member from Christchurch CBD

Posts: 133

Chris, my family travelled the south island seven months. Our collie Aristar had gone to heavan just prior to our departure otherwise I wouldn't have been brave enough to take him as collies arn't little dogs
and their fur makes a lot of work. Its enough work now, with the fur from two new small furry friends, not dogs or cats though they have a cage each and that is good. Though we did live closely with Aristar
five years. There is a Pet magazine that I was given from Animates that has some information on pet friendly facilities. Though, generally,
with our animals if you keep them out of sight and under control,
exercising outside of camping grounds or places, that is ok in an
emergency. I tend to water, clean, tidy, trim, bath, in parks and
sometimes even save a bucket of boiling water to take with us to a
stream or river, once I did that when a sunny day was available.

6719-Music_in_the_park_1 20 Jun 2008 2:22pm #7
offline Accordion Girl

Member since 29 Sep 2006

Member from Tuakau

Posts: 9

Sue Do you live permanently in your Motorhome.? My husband and I have a campervan which we can only go to dog friendly parks.We have a lovely place we go to in Tauranga.Perhaps we could meet up anytime after Oct when the weather improves.
Let me know if you are interested.My email address== kaurinz@clear.net.nz
Regards Sheena and Doug

Blank 03 Sep 2008 12:55pm #8
offline MarkHoward

Member since 15 May 2007

Member from Rotorua

Posts: 6

There is a new Motorhome web forum where you may get a good level of interest from a discussion like this. The address is:

Have a look smile

Blank 18 Feb 2009 1:20am #9
offline ukshe

Member since 28 Apr 2008

Member from Wanganui

Posts: 5

Hi, In answer to the question, 'Is anyone interested in forming a camping group etc', Yes, most definitely would be interested.
Would like to meet / chat with like minded people. Am looking for campervan at the moment, and want to travel around NZ, both islands, would be lovely to share the experiences. I am on my own and realise that a campervan is a small place to live, if sharing that space with another, and I guess the ideal situation is for everyone to have their own camper, yet travel around/meet up etc. together.
Thought please?


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